‘Hawkeye’ fans are obsessed with the MCU’s stylish Kingpin

Photo via Marvel

Wilson Fisk has been described as many things over the decades regardless of whether we’re talking about comic books, feature films, TV shows, live-action, animation, video games, or anything else, but “stylish” is very rarely one of them.

Kingpin is known to have a certain fondness for a pristine white suit, and it’s very rare to see him sporting anything else. However, even though Hawkeye directors Bert and Bertie were talking up the character’s evil and sociopathic nature, the final episode of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s latest Disney Plus series revealed him to be stylish as hell.

Vincent D’Onofrio did wear the classic Kingpin look for a while, but then he ended up sporting an ensemble that placed him somewhere between Jurassic Park‘s John Hammond and a larger, much more murderous Nicolas Cage in Raising Arizona. Naturally, fans went wild at the stylistic reinvention.

Hopefully it becomes a running thing throughout Kingpin’s MCU run that he turns up in increasingly loud outfits, because we can all agree that nobody dies in the franchise if you hear a gun fired out of shot. He’s almost certainly going to follow up his Hawkeye guest spots with a supporting turn in spinoff Echo, which with any justice sees him unleash the fashionista within that we never knew existed.