Hawkeye May Lose His Hearing In Upcoming Disney Plus Series

Avengers Endgame Hawkeye

Marvel fans have often criticized the portrayal of Hawkeye in the MCU for erasing the fact that he’s deaf. While not something that’s mentioned in every storyline, and sometimes he’s got his hearing back only to lose it again, Clint Barton has suffered from hearing issues in the comics since 1983. So, this was a major part of the character that Marvel left out, offending those who felt that a deaf superhero would be a brilliant thing to have on the big screen.

Interestingly, some new info is suggesting that this could be belatedly explored in the upcoming Hawkeye TV series. Insider Charles Murphy, of Murphy’s Multiverse, revealed on his Murphy’s Law podcast that sources have told him Clint may lose his hearing in the show.

“What was heard was that they were initially going to pursue the idea of Clint going deaf,” they explained. “That was part of the plan for the [Hawkeye] series, and so we’ll see if that’s still in there.”

As made clear by the promo art shown at Comic-Con last summer, the Hawkeye series will be heavily inspired by Matt Fraction’s comic book run on the character. So, it makes sense that Clint’s deafness could factor into the show, as Fraction is one of the creators who has used this aspect of his character most prominently. Still, like Murphy says, plans could’ve changed over time, so this concept may not make it into the finished product.

In the comics, Clint has been able to use his hearing problems to his advantage, but in the MCU, it could be the reason why he finally decides to retire and train up the next Hawkeye: none other than protégé Kate Bishop. Haillee Steinfeld is still the most likely candidate to play the role in the series, though it seems she’s too busy to sign up at the moment.

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