‘Hawkeye’ producer addresses the potential debut of Clint’s mask

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has generally done a great job when it comes to designing the costumes of its marquee characters, with the majority of them clearly and heavily inspired by their respective comic book origins, while still having a practical purpose to look as outlandish as they do.

Unfortunately for some fans of the character, that hasn’t yet extended to Hawkeye‘s signature purple mask with the pointy ears. As much as folks would love to see it, we can’t deny that it would make Jeremy Renner look utterly ridiculous, especially when Clint Barton has always been one of the franchise’s most grounded heroes.

Now that his Disney Plus show has debuted, producer Trinh Tran was asked in an interview with Comic Book Movie if we can expect to see the expert archer’s signature look finally appear in live-action ten years into Renner’s run, and you might be disappointed with the answer.

“Oh, the original H with the pointy ears? It’s funny because this series is such a light-hearted tone, we had a discussion about how fun it would be to figure out a way in order for that to be incorporated one way or another, but what ended up happening was that – I believe there’s a clip out there that Kate makes fun of his branding issue – and that gets incorporated in terms of how she thinks Clint is like in the public eye and partly is due to some of the outfits that he’s been wearing.”

It’s taken a decade for Clint to even adopt the full-on purple color scheme if the various promotional materials are any indication, so a ludicrous headpiece emblazoned with a big ‘H’ was always going to be a stretch. Based on the raucous reactions to the first pair of episodes, it’s not as if Hawkeye is going to need it to succeed anyway.