‘Hawkeye’ producer teases Avengers Tower’s new owners may be revealed

Ever since Spider-Man: No Way Home‘s climactic third act showdown between Tom Holland’s Peter Parker and Michael Keaton’s Adrian Toomes was predicated on Stark Industries vacating Avengers Tower and moving upstate, fans have intensely debated the identity of the building’s new owners.

Norman Osborn’s Oscorp have been named as potential suitors on multiple occasions, while we’ve also heard plenty of chatter that it could be rebranded as the Baxter Building ahead of the Fantastic Four’s MCU debut. On top of that, Loki‘s fifth episode showed it rebranded as Qeng Enterprises, a company that just so happens to be owned by Kang the Conqueror variant Mr. Gryphon.

Next week’s Disney Plus series Hawkeye takes place in and around New York City, so it was only natural for the question to arise when producer Trinh Tran was interviewed by CinemaBlend. In true Marvel Studios fashion, though, she wasn’t going to be drawn on anything even remotely close to a definitive answer.

“Do you have any ideas, do you have answers? Do you want to speculate. I’d love to hear any and all theories, and we’ll see if it sort of fits into where I think it can be headed towards.” 

Such is the level of investment fans have in the franchise, the prospective owners of an abandoned building has drummed up discussions lasting four years, although it isn’t clear as to whether or not Hawkeye will give us the answer at long last, or if this particular surprise is being saved for later on in Phase Four.