The Fantastic Four’s MCU Origin Story Has Been Revealed

Fantastic Four
Image via Marvel Entertainment

Despite being part of one of the most famous and recognizable superhero teams in history after making their debut in 1961, and remaining relevant in the pages of Marvel comic books ever since, the Fantastic Four are still waiting for a big screen blockbuster that will finally do them justice.

They’ve been the subject of a low budget effort that was made just to retain the rights to the characters that was never even released, two Tim Story-directed adaptations that did decent business at the box office but didn’t get much love from either fans or critics, and a few years ago, they featured in one of the most notorious box office bombs in recent memory.

However, with the rights to the Fantastic Four finally under the Marvel Studios banner, folks are optimistic that they’ll soon get the cinematic treatment that they deserve. And while we won’t see the movie for a good few years yet, there’s little doubt that the project will be anywhere other than near the top of Kevin Feige’s list of priorities.

Just how the four cosmically-powered superheroes will be brought into the ever-expanding Marvel Cinematic Universe has been the cause of much speculation but now, sources close to We Got This Covered – the same ones who told us that the Inhumans were being rebooted in Ms. Marvel and that Black Knight was coming to the MCU, both of which were later confirmed – have informed us that the Quantum Realm could be set to play a huge part in introducing the Fantastic Four.

Ever since being properly introduced in the Ant-Man franchise, the Quantum Realm has played an increasingly important role in the MCU, and served as a key part of the time travel elements of Avengers: Endgame. Our sources – the same ones who also told us a Green Lantern show was in development, which has since been confirmed – have indicated that the Fantastic Four will keep their 1960’s roots, which will likely serve as the prologue for the movie. Apparently, though, while exploring the Quantum Realm, they’ll end up getting stuck in there before managing to escape and resurfacing in the present day.

It’s unclear as of yet how exactly they’ll get out, but we’ve heard that Ant-Man could be involved in their rescue. We’re also told that the 1960’s aspect could still change, but as of right now, this is the angle Marvel’s going with.

And if this all pans out as expected, it’ll instantly give the MCU’s Fantastic Four a different hook to the traditional origin story, and also tie in with what we’ve heard regarding Avengers Tower being turned into the Baxter Building and Reed Richards replacing Tony Stark as Peter Parker’s science mentor. It also allows plenty of crossover with the franchise’s established roster, with Scott Lang, Hank Pym, Bruce Banner, Doctor Strange and Spider-Man all having experience dealing with that particular pocket of the multiverse.