‘Hawkeye’ producer teases Jeremy Renner’s MCU future


When Disney Plus series Hawkeye was first announced, it instantly led to much rumor-mongering that it would mark the end of the line for Jeremy Renner’s ten-year stint as the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Clint Barton.

Given that Phase Four sees the franchise cycling out almost the entirety of the Phase One Avengers in favor of fresh faces, it was an understandable reaction to have. While we can’t say with any real certainty that Barton is going to be alive and well by the time the credits roll on Hawkeye‘s sixth and final episode, the chances are good.

In an interview with CinePOP, producer Trinh Tran was asked what the future holds for the MCU’s resident master of archery, and in keeping with the overall veil of secrecy that’s defined the superhero saga for the last thirteen years, specifics were at a bare minimum.

“There are always new stories to be told, especially with Clint Barton. There is so much more to explore. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens, but it’s amazing to work with Jeremy. He loves his character, He’s the only person who really knows who Clint Barton is. I think there are possibilities. We’ll see.”

Obviously, Tran was never going to come out and admit that Hawkeye dies in the end, if that’s even the plan. We don’t even know if the show is going to be a one-and-done like WandaVision or a recurring feature of the Disney Plus lineup like Loki, so there’s no reason why Clint and Kate Bishop can’t continue to enjoy their odd couple adventures on the small screen for at least another season or two.