‘Hawkeye’ star “begged” to be part of ‘Rogers: The Musical’

rogers the musical

The focus may have shifted away from self-referential song-and-dance extravaganzas to an action-packed conclusion that still has plenty of moving pieces to contend with, but Marvel Cinematic Universe fans are unlikely to forget about Hawkeye‘s Rogers: The Musical anytime soon.

It may have been little more than an extended gag that brought Clint Barton to New York City before he got caught up with Kate Bishop, but the stage show has taken on a life of its own. Jeremy Renner says he’d love to star in a full-blown MCU musical, the writers behind the songs want to pen more tracks for the franchise and producer Trin Tranh is hoping it leads to a feature one day, but one Hawkeye star is disappointed they didn’t get the chance to appear on in-canon Broadway.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Fra Fee admitted that he begged the creative team to be a part of Rogers: The Musical, even if he was just stuck in the background hidden from sight, but it wasn’t to be.

“I begged them to let me be involved in Rogers: The Musical. I was like, ‘Just let me start at the back, stick an alien costume on me and I’ll sing the tenor line’. I was desperate. So yes, of course, I was extremely jealous of everyone who got to be involved. It just turned out amazing. When I read it in the script, I was like, ‘This is genius’. I loved it. But who knows? Maybe I’ll do the actual musical when it reaches Broadway.”

Fee still has a major role to play in Hawkeye, though, with his loyalties to Alaqua Cox’s Maya Lopez set to be tested like never before after Clint planted a seed of doubt in his head. Presumably, Kazi is being lined up for a plum supporting gig in spinoff Echo, so Episode 6 seems unlikely to mark the end of the line for the Tracksuit Mafia’s second-in-command.