‘Rogers: The Musical’ writers want to write more songs for the MCU

rogers the musical

Ever since the first two episodes dropped on Disney Plus, Hawkeye has been one of the top topics among fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and pop culture at large, such is the vast reach the superhero franchise has on audiences all over the world.

We may be halfway through Clint Barton and Kate Bishop’s romp through the streets of New York City, with anticipation only growing stronger thanks to this week’s full-blown tease of Vincent D’Onofrio’s Kingpin and the latest promo teasing the appearance of Florence Pugh’s Yelena Belova at long last, but viewers haven’t forgotten about Rogers: The Musical.

The song-and-dance extravaganza went down a storm when we got to see the stage show in the premiere, and everyone from star Jeremy Renner to producer Trinh Tran would love to see a full-blown MCU musical. In an interview with ComicBook, writers Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman admitted that they’re in the exact same boat.

“We would love it. I mean, of course, we would love it. I mean, so would a lot of other songwriters, so we’ve got to get going. Yeah. I’m sure there’s already probably a whole musical on TikTok already. So we would love it. And the Marvel Universe is so expansive, not to mention the multi universes. See, I actually know things now about Marvel. Oh my God. I hope there aren’t other songwriting teams in other multi-universes writing this.

Yeah. I mean, can you imagine? Who’s on that program? We might have to send somebody after them.” Can you imagine a Ragnarok section of the musical? Hela. What a perfect name, of course. Just the song about how that dear antler headpiece. There’s so many things. And then the fact that Steve Rogers also takes place in the forties, so we would get to do our big USO number, and it would be phenomenal.” 

Kevin Feige has always touted that each of the MCU’s new projects occupy a different space genre-wise, and nothing would hammer that point home more than a musical. The people have demanded it, and the series is big on delivering on expectations, so maybe Rogers: The Musical will serve as the catalyst for an entire feature.