Jeremy Renner says he’d happily star in an ‘Avengers’ musical

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Not to go too hard on the Hawkeye references, but Jeremy Renner has many more strings to his bow than simply being a highly successful two-time Academy Award nominated actor, occasional producer and recurring star of the most successful franchise in the history of cinema.

He also dabbles in singing and songwriting, in addition to playing the guitar, keyboard and drums. So far, that’s yielded a pair of EPs and appearances on the soundtracks of North Country, Love Comes to the Executioner and The Assassination of Jess James by the Coward Robert Ford, not to mention his hilarious ditty that plays over the end credits of comedy Tag.

Hawkeye landed on Disney Plus this morning, and one of the major selling points of the premiere has been Rogers: The Musical, which fans have been dying to see ever since it was revealed in the first trailer. To the surprise of nobody, Renner admitted to Variety that he’d be down with a musical Avengers movie, and reveals the cast even discussed it on the first film.

“There’s a bit more that’s not in the show — and I’m sure they have plans for this kind of stuff. They think well ahead. Who knows what and how and way, shape or form. We spoke about the idea of an Avengers musical back on the first Avengers, and we were all kind of joking about it. But yeah, Rogers was just oddly great and awful at the same time, and I’ve mixed feelings about it. But yes is the answer. I’m down. I’m in!”

Rogers: The Musical appearing in Hawkeye the day after WandaVision landed a Grammy nomination for “Agatha All Along” must be a sign, so maybe Renner can push Kevin Feige in the direction of giving the green light to a full-blown Avengers musical.