‘Hawkeye’ producer wants a full-blown MCU musical

rogers the musical

One of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s party lines is to espouse that each of the franchise’s projects takes place in a different genre, with various fresh coats of paint being slapped onto the standard formula that’s served the comic book series so well for the last thirteen years.

While that’s technically true, especially looking at a 2021 slate that’s featured the reality-warping WandaVision, the politically-charged The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, espionage-driven prequel Black Widow, marital arts fantasy Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, intergalactic epic Eternals and more, they all hit many of the same beats we’ve grown to expect from the MCU.

However, an all-singing and all-dancing superhero extravaganza would be completely uncharted territory, and Hawkeye producer Trinh Tran admitted to The Reel Rejects that she’d love to use Rogers: The Musical as the launchpad for an entire feature.

“I’d love to make a musical one day for Marvel, right? Who wouldn’t? Rogers: The Musical started out as an idea in the backdrop as we were in the writers’ room. It wasn’t anything that [Clint Barton] was gonna go and attend an event, it was just sort of, ‘We’ll see billboards of it. How fun would it be if we picked an instance in the past that the Avengers have experienced and do a musical about that?'”

Vin Diesel revealed he’d love to do a Fast & Furious musical, and now we’ve got a Marvel Studios veteran saying the same thing about the spandex-clad saga. Is it ever going to happen? Who knows, but you can bet that fans would love nothing more than an MCU song-and-dance based on the overwhelmingly popular reception afforded to Rogers: The Musical.