‘Hawkeye’ star comments on potential romance between Kazi and Maya

echo hawkeye

Having been positioned for big things in the Marvel Cinematic Universe after her solo spinoff was announced eight months before Hawkeye even premiered on Disney Plus, fans were expecting something special from Alaqua Cox’s Maya Lopez when she debuted on the small screen.

As it turns out, the first-time actress delivered and then some, kicking all sorts of ass and establishing Echo as a force to be reckoned with, one who has her own vengeance-fueled reasons for tracking down Ronin, and she’s not best pleased that Clint Barton and Kate Bishop keep getting in her way.

Fra Fee’s Kazi has proven to have a closer connection to his boss than most, and in an interview with Murphy’s Multiverse, the actor teased that there may be a hint of a romantic undertone in their exchanges.

“It’s interesting what we’ve actually seen so far: Kazi is acting as Maya’s interpreter but then there’s quite a bit of friction. But yes, you’re right. They are loyal to each other and have known each other for a long time. Whether that is something romantic or more in line with a brotherly and sisterly companionship is something I will allow you guys to watch yourselves. I know what I was thinking with what I wanted Kazi to feel but it would be unfair to reveal that.”

Whether that’s changed now that Clint surprised Kazi in the back of his car and told him to stay out of the way remains up for debate, but Hawkeye has a whole lot of dangling plot threads that need to be resolved over the next two weeks. We still need to discover how the series leads into Echo, as well as the identity of her mysterious Uncle, so it’s all systems go for an action-packed and explosive finale.