‘Hawkeye’ star promises finale will have huge repercussions

Hawkeye Poster
Image via Disney Plus/Marvel Studios

Hawkeye reaches its season — or possibly series — finale this week, as Clint Barton and Kate Bishop’s mission to stop the Tracksuit Mafia reaches a head. As the show has gone on, more and more connections with the broader MCU have been revealed, what with Black Widow‘s Yelena Belova showing up to get revenge on Clint and none other than the Kingpin’s unveiling as the TSM’s true puppetmaster.

It’s no surprise, then, that we’re hearing this Wednesday’s finale will have “huge repercussions” for the franchise going forward. Fra Free, who plays Maya Lopez’s not-so-loyal lieutenant Kazi, expressed to Looper that he’s confident episode six will knock the socks of Marvel fans everywhere.

“Hugely. I would say the finale of this show is just going to knock your socks off,” Fee said. “It’s extremely exciting. It has huge repercussions for the MCU and its story moving along. Yeah. It’s really exciting. It’s a big one.” With a laugh, he added, “That’s all I’ve got on that one.”

So, where will these repercussions be felt? Well, Alaqua Cox’s Echo spinoff series is the most obvious place. The finale is bound to see Maya find out that her Uncle Wilson was really behind her father’s death at Ronin’s hand all along, which could mean she’ll pitch herself against the Kingpin in her own show. Elsewhere, the finale may line up what’s next for Yelena — maybe Black Widow 2 — and where Kate goes from here — the Young Avengers, anyone? As for Clint himself, it’s difficult to say. It could provide him with a definitive ending or give him a whole new direction.

Previous Marvel Disney Plus finales have set up Doctor Strange 2 (WandaVision), Captain America 4 (The Falcon and the Winter Soldier), and Ant-Man 3 (Loki), so we wouldn’t expect Hawkeye‘s own conclusion to be any different. But how can episode six top last week’s big Kingpin cliffhanger? Or even Yelena’s arrival in episode four? Who could possibly turn up next that would be even more surprising? Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock?

Marvel’s Hawkeye concludes its run this Wednesday, Dec. 22, on Disney Plus.