Hawkeye Trailer May Explain Eternals’ Captain America References


Everything in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is connected in one way or another, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that a new theory put forward by ScreenRant offers that the Hawkeye trailer could offer an explanation to questions surrounding Steve Rogers’ Captain America that were first brought up by the Eternals trailer.

The first promo for Chloé Zhao’s cosmic blockbuster saw the characters acknowledge that Captain Rogers and Iron Man were out of the picture, and referring to the star-spangled icon by his military title instead of his superhero moniker led many fans to believe that the Eternals may have encountered Steve before, perhaps as far back as World War II.

It also had folks theorizing that it was a deliberate differentiation between Steve and his successor, with the Eternals already acknowledging Sam Wilson as the new Captain America. However, it’s the headline-grabbing Rogers: The Musical that could provide the key, with the theory claiming that separating Rogers the man from Cap the hero as part of a showstopping stage show would allow the public to embrace a new face inheriting the suit, even if John Walker turned out to be a poor choice before Sam assumed the mantle.

As all-powerful aliens that have been residing on Earth for thousands of years, it’s admittedly very unlikely that the Eternals would have discovered there was a new Captain America in town from a musical. Then again, stranger things have happened in the MCU, and Hawkeye‘s holiday frolics have already set it up as another fresh spin on the franchise’s standard formula.