MCU Fans Can’t Get Over The Steve Rogers Musical In The Hawkeye Trailer

The long-awaited trailer for the Disney Plus series, Hawkeye, dropped this morning and fans are absolutely thrilled about it. The storyline is bringing a new sense of self to Clint Barton as he spends his first Christmas with his family in years. He’s finally settling into what life looks like now and feeling a sense of normalcy.

That is, until about 20 seconds in. It is a Marvel series, after all, so we can’t expect peace even at Christmas time.

Another unexpected twist of the trailer? A look at a new musical showcasing the life of one Steve Rogers. That’s right, our beloved hero is getting his own musical in the Hawkeye series and the trailer even showed a snippet of it.

Fans are, without a doubt, ready to purchase tickets for this faux musical in real life. It’s also fitting to note that Chris Evans, who plays Steve Rogers, was actually in a Broadway show himself called Lobby Hero. It may not have been a musical, but it’s a fun thing to draw a parallel to.

So, what are fans saying about Rogers: The Musical?

This fan pointed out that you can see the OG-6 in a musical number.

Honestly, we can relate after seeing that trailer.

We’re gonna need that, too.

Can you just imagine Loki’s commentary on such a thing? We’d love to see it.

Undoubtedly, that will be the main performance for the entire musical. It simply has to be!

Of course, Bucky and Sam will be front and center opening night, and every night thereafter.

This fan said it best: we’re thrilled for Hawkeye but is it wrong that we’re a little distracted by the musical?

Hawkeye premieres Nov. 24 on Disney Plus, so keep your eyes peeled for the inevitable first look, and hopefully, a few more snippets of Rogers: The Musical as episodes drop.