Hawkgirl Series In Early Development On The CW


The CW’s DC Comics shared television universe that began with Arrow and The Flash will expand even more this winter, when Legends of Tomorrow debuts. The team-up miniseries will feature several characters from both original shows, like Arrow‘s Ray Palmer/The Atom and Sara Lance/White Canary, and The Flash‘s Dr. Stein/Firestorm, Captain Cold and Heat Wave. It will also mark the small-screen debuts of new additions like time travelling rogue Rip Hunter and Hawkgirl.

As it turns out, Legends of Tomorrow may not be the only spinoff on the horizon. According to SpoilerTV, The CW is already prepping a Hawkgirl spinoff that, if picked up, will skip the pilot stage completely and fly straight to a series order.


If it gets picked up, Hawkgirl will star Ciara Renee, reprising her Legends of Tomorrow role as Kendra Saunders, “a girl with wings and a past lives complex.” In the comics, Hawkgirl is a warrior who’s been reincarnated – alongside Hawkman – throughout history and who uses alien technology known as Nth Metal to attain the power of flight. There have been several versions of the character over the years, with the Kendra Saunders iteration being the most current. Unlike other Hawkgirls, Kendra does not fully remember her past lives, which causes a great deal of tension between her and Hawkman, who believes that they are destined to be together.

Since we have yet to see the character on screen, it’s impossible to tell if any of those attributes will remain intact. However, if Hawkgirl does indeed go to series, there’s no arguing that the Kendra Saunders version would lead to the most interesting adaptation; after all, who could argue against the appeal of a complicated star-crossed lovers storyline intertwined with a contemporary superhero tale?

Since Hawkgirl is still in the early stages, it’s likely that the network is waiting to see how audiences react to the character on Legends of Tomorrow before fully committing to a spinoff. Still, it’s an exciting possibility nonetheless, especially if it means that a strong female superhero could be getting her own solo series.

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Source: SpoilerTV