HBO Max now lets you shuffle episodes of your fave shows

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HBO Max has now added a new tool to help undecided users find something to watch — the “shuffle” button.

Available now on the streaming app’s desktop version, the shuffle button will select a random episode for users from a limited range of series, taking the overwhelming stress of ‘deciding what to watch’ away.

Right now, the feature is only available for 45 different series on the platform, including Looney Tunes content, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Friends, Rick & Morty, and more.

The feature probably isn’t best for those who haven’t yet watched a series, but if you’ve previously binged through the show and are going back in for some casual viewing, then this is the perfect way to get something on quickly.

Further to this point, it’s unlikely that the feature will be adopted for series that are story-driven so don’t expect to press a button and go in on a random Game of Thrones episode anytime soon.

HBO Max isn’t the first streaming platform to add a shuffle button, with Netflix boasting their own version of the tool, though theirs has been more broadly adopted across the platform. Currently, you have access to this feature on Netflix desktop, smart TV, and Android mobiles.

In the coming months, it’s likely that the feature will be introduced to more devices and potentially more series on the platform, but for now, you’ll need a computer to check it out for yourself.