HBO Reveals First Look At Game Of Thrones Spinoff House Of The Dragon

Game of Thrones Dany

After HBO’s Game of Thrones concluded the song of ice and fire and the story of the Iron Throne last year, the network is finally preparing to embark on a new journey in the world of Westeros, this time in the form of spinoff show House of the Dragon.

For a lot of people, the final season of the universally acclaimed TV series not only failed to deliver on the promise of a grand finale, but it also didn’t manage to offer a satisfying resolution to its story arcs that the team had spent years building up. The show’s last outing was so unmistakably divisive, in fact, that even the cast struggled with the fate of their characters. There was also a petition to remake the entire season, which is currently sitting at a whopping 1.8 million signatures.

But alas, the notion that the network would spend all that money to reshoot the last batch of episodes with better scripts is wishful thinking. This has certainly diminished the hype for Game of Thrones‘ potential spinoff shows, though, several of which have been in pre-production for the past couple of years.

Still, if you miss the Seven Kingdoms and the epic fantasy world that George R. R. Martin created, you’ll be glad to know that House of the Dragon, a series centering around the history of the Targaryens, is in the works. In fact, HBO has just released a first look at it via some concept art, which you can see below.

Luckily for fans, Martin will serve as an executive producer this time, so we can be sure that his vision for the history of the Targaryen House won’t be dumbed down. We also expect the new Game of Thrones spinoff to adapt numerous storylines from Fire & Blood, a Silmarillion-esque 2018 textbook which detailed the history of these dragon riders, though at the moment, details about the specifics of the narrative are tightly under wraps.