HBO Places Series Order For David Fincher’s Video Synchronicity


Academy Award nominated filmmaker David Fincher is renowned for many things – tense drama, intriguing plot twists, and even the odd Grammy-winning music video – but comedy has, so far, not been one of his signature moves. This is about to change, however, as HBO have handed a series order to Fincher for his 1980s-set music video comedy series – currently known as Video Synchronicity.

The half hour show is led by Robby – a young, naïve, good-natured college drop-out, who decides to relocate to Hollywood and achieve his dream of shooting an epic science fiction movie. When the situation proves itself to be somewhat more challenging than he had previously assumed, he gets himself a job at a company that produces music videos. His position as production assistant causes him to cross paths with many different characters – from directors to on-screen talent, and from the lowliest crew member to the highest paid executive – all of whom are caught up in their own struggles.

The character of Robby is played by young British actor Charlie Rowe (Never Let Me Go, Neverland, Red Band Society), and he leads a cast that includes Sam Page (House Of Cards), Jason Flemyng (Welcome To The Punch), Kerry Condon (Better Call Saul), Elizabeth Lail (Once Upon A Time), Corbin Bernsen (Psych), and Paz Vega (Grace Of Monaco). David Fincher is slated to direct and produce, while he will also co-write the show with actor Bob Stephenson and xXx writer, Rich Wilkes.

Video Synchronicity will mark David Fincher’s second foray into television showrunning, after the runaway success of the award-winning Netflix Original series House Of Cards – now renewed for a fourth season. The pedigree behind this latest production is impressive, to say the least, and makes this original premise a very exciting prospect. It seems that two episodes of the show were filmed in place of the usual pilot, but there is no word yet on when the rest may appear.

Source: THR