The Underwoods Will Return In 2016 As Netflix Confirms House Of Cards Season 4


Fans may still be reeling from the nail-biting conclusion of season 3, but Netflix has wasted no time in securing the future of The Underwoods and Co., after the streaming service confirmed that House of Cards will return for season 4.

According to Beau Willimon, the creative team has already mapped out the foundations of what this recently-revealed new chapter will herald, one that he has been “secretly writing” now for months. Here’s the moment it became official though, hinting that despite Frank and Claire’s meteoric rise to power, there is still much work to be done.

Much like previous outings, it’s expected that House of Cards will return for its fourth season in February of 2016, which means that the cast and crew will likely reassemble in Washington’s corridors of power to being production in the summer. Many have stipulated that season 4 could act as the show’s final bow; after all, if Netflix wants to remain true to the evocative title, a traditional deck of cards boasts no less than 52 cards. Could this mean that, with 13 episodes per season, the creative team will conclude the power-mongering tale next year? Only time will tell.

Kevin Spacey, Robin Wright and the majority of the cast are expected to reprise their roles for another bout of devious political action when House of Cards returns for season 4 in 2016.