HBO’s ‘Landscapers’ drama gets companion true crime podcast

For fans of true crime storytelling, we’re getting a veritable feast for the senses from HBO and Sky with the four-part drama Landscapers as well an accompanying five-part Landscapers Podcast that will examine the real-life double murder that the series is based on, offering a look at how the creators of the show adapted the story for TV.

HBO’s YouTube account recently posted an introductory segment previewing the podcast, which we’ve collected for you here.

The case in question centers around two people who were shot and killed many years ago and buried in their own backyard. Podcast host Caroline Crampton sets the tone for the true crime tale, calling it one of “those stories that you puzzle over, that you just can’t get out of your head.”

It’s a bold move to release a nonfiction podcast alongside a dramatization of a true life story, since in the podcast we’ll be hearing a firsthand account of what happened in real life as opposed to an actor’s interpretation. We’re guessing that it’s a move to exemplify just how accurate the drama will be to the real-life events, which is exciting.

According to HBO’s synopsis, the Landscapers TV drama will bring to life the true story of Susan and Christopher Edwards and the murders for which they were convicted. The five-part podcast will take listeners behind the scenes of the show to explore the real-life events that make the show so compelling. It will feature various people who couldn’t get the tale told in Landscapers out of their heads as they share different aspects that pulled them in.

Landscapers airs Dec. 6 on HBO and Dec. 7 on Sky.