HD Stills For Luke Cage Season 2 Arrive Ahead Of Tomorrow’s Big Premiere


On the eve of release, Marvel and Netflix have rolled out a slew of HD stills from Luke Cage season 2, putting the focus on old friends, new foes, and Mike Colter’s Power Man.

Among those old friends is Misty Knight, who’s sporting a bionic arm this time around following her run-in with The Hand during Marvel’s Defenders series. And she’s brought company, too, as Luke Cage season 2 appears to plant the seeds for a Daughters of the Dragon by pairing Misty with Colleen Wing, the kick-ass supporting player best known for her stint on Iron Fist.

So while we fully expect to see Luke Cage regroup with Danny Rand to form Marvel’s Heroes for Hire, there’s another superhero team-up happening on the streets of Harlem, and they’re every bit as intimidating.

And after outlining our hero’s next opponent (spoilers: it’s the Bushmaster), showrunner Cheo Hodari Coker said in a previous interview that Luke Cage sets himself apart from his fellow Defenders in that he’s able to walk around Harlem without a mask

What makes Luke Cage different than any superhero is he uses a semblance of his real name and then he doesn’t wear a mask. One of the things we explore is why should he be different than a police officer or a fireman, in that they get paid for what they do and they are equally, in their own ways, heroic.

Meanwhile, our own review found that the show’s second season “marks the darkest point of the Netflix Marvel shows to date, and will have you rethinking your definition of ‘good’ and ‘evil’ once you reach the ending.”

Look for Luke Cage season 2 to premiere via Netflix tomorrow, June 22nd. And with Iron Fist scheduled for an appearance at San Diego Comic-Con next month, we can readily expect another premier Marvel series to arrive before the year’s end.

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