Hellboy Scribe To Spearhead Diablo Animated Series For Netflix



An R-rated Diablo series flickering into life at Netflix?

It may sound like wishful thinking, but according to Andrew Cosby of Hellboy fame (h/t Bloody Disgusting), the online streaming giant is about to spearhead its own animated TV show based on the über-popular Blizzard IP. And yes, it’ll very much be R-rated.

Buoyed by the success of Castlevania – another dark and brooding cartoon based on one of the most iconic video game franchises of all time – Netflix appears to be in the market for another major IP, and if a now-deleted tweet is anything to go by, Andrew Cosby is in “final talks” to write and possibly direct a new Diablo animated series from Netflix and Activision, the parent company behind Blizzard.

The original tweet from Cosby stated:

I guess I can confirm I am indeed in final talks to write and show-run the new DIABLO animated series for Activision and Netflix. It’s very exciting and I hope to the High Heavens it all works out.

And just because the message has since been yanked offline doesn’t necessarily mean it’s fake; if anything, the fact that Andrew Cosby rushed to the delete button tells us that his Twitter announcement jumped the gun, and that Blizzard will likely make things official once its BlizzCon event rolls around in November.

It’s the annual celebration of Blizzard’s many gaming franchises, as players from across the world raise a glass to World of Warcraft, Overwatch, and everything in between.

Diablo is arguably one of the studio’s most beloved properties, and given the heightened demand for top-tier fantasy drama now that Game of Thrones is nearing its end, we’re quietly confident that Netflix and Blizzard (and Cosby!) are on to a winner here.

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