Hemlock Grove Renewed By Netflix For A Third And Final Season

hemlock grove

Eli Roth’s Hemlock Grove shocked a lot of people when it was granted a second season. But, the chance to spread its wings meant that the sophomore season improved greatly on the practically unpalatable first season. Today, the streaming giant Netflix has renewed the horror hit for one last run. Scheduled for release sometime in 2015, the show’s third season will span ten episodes before it lays to rest.

“We are so grateful to the fans of ‘Hemlock Grove’ who have championed the series so intensely over two seasons,” executive producer Roth said in a statement. “We are looking forward to taking the last and final season into some dark and unexpected places, and to giving viewers the killer finale you’d come to expect from ‘Hemlock Grove.’”

Seems he’s not the only one involved who’s excited, fellow exec Chic Eglee said:

“We are delighted that our fans have invited us back to explore the fiendish recesses of the human condition for another season. Knowing it will be our last, gives us the opportunity to go out in a mushroom cloud of clever and soul shattering mayhem. See you soon on the twisted streets of Hemlock Grove.”

The show took its inspiration from Brian McGeevy’s novel of the same name, which focused on a plague of disappearances in a small town. Created by Roth, it seemed unlikely to land a second season on account of its low-budget schlocky nature. The fan support was clearly in the black and the infinitely better second season prompted a whole new audience to binge watch the werewolf horror.

There’s no release date yet, but its likely Hemlock Grove season three will land sometime in July 2015 on Netflix.

What do you make of another season? One too many? Gutted that it’s having such a short run? Let us know in the comments.

Source: The Wrap