Henry Cavill might be heading for the exit, but ‘The Witcher’ universe recruiting He-Man himself is an adequate substitute

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Netflix’s The Witcher universe is already at a crossroads with the impending arrival of the two-part third season of the main series, given that Henry Cavill is preparing to step away from the role of Geralt of Rivia.

Liam Hemsworth might be waiting in the wings to replace him as the white-haired monster hunter, but it would be fair to say that fans of the fantasy franchise aren’t exactly stoked about the switcheroo. Losing an actor that’s played stone-cold icons like Superman and Sherlock Holmes is a blow, but the guy who brought He-Man and Ivan Drago to life is a decent substitute.

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That’s right; Dolph Lundgren confirmed in an interview with Swedish outlet Aftonbladet that he’s currently in South Africa shooting another spin-off set on the Continent, one that we can only hope turns out to be vastly superior to the disastrous Blood Origin, which found itself panned into the ground and then instantly swept under the rug after premiering late last year.

All we know about the offshoot is that it focuses on the Rats and is operating under the working title of “Riff Raff,” so there isn’t a great deal to go on. Then again, if you slap a wig on top of Lundgren’s head then he could easily step in as Geralt’s father, while he’s still got the required physicality to convince as an ass-kicking action hero.

It’s been a long time since Lundgren has dived headlong into the world of fantasy, but we can only hope whatever he’s cooking up for The Witcher proves to be as gloriously cheesy as his wonderfully wooden turn in the camp classic Masters of the Universe.

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