Here’s the full cast of ‘The Circle’ season 2

Netflix’s second season of The Circle brought 11 new personalities into a 13-episode competition for the $100,000 grand prize. Just like on social media, the players could portray themselves however they wanted, so in total there were five men, six women, and four catfishers among them.

The first eight players were introduced in the first episode, which aired on April 14, 2021. One other player was added in episode three and two more in episode five. Collectively, they made up a diverse cast with a variety of backgrounds and strategies for winning the game. Here are all of The Circle’s season two participants.

Bryant Wood

The Circle Season 2: Bryant Wood's Job, Age, Instagram & More

Age: 26.

Alias: Played as himself.

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois.

Bryant was one of the first eight participants in the season and chose to play as himself. At the time, he taught breath work and presented himself as the “weirdo” of the season, who left a life of stress to work on his spiritual awakening.

Savannah Palacio

Age: 24.

Alias: Played as herself.

Hometown: Los Angeles, California.

Savannah was the first player to be introduced in episode one. She worked with data research and decided to show the other contestants her nerdier side and use strategies during the game by making alliances.

Terilisha Godwin-Pierce

The Circle Season 2: Terilisha's Jobs Acting & Singing ...

Age: 34.

Alias: Played as herself.

Hometown: Dallas, Texas.

Terilisha entered the game in the first episode and played the game as herself. She was a full-time “cool” substitute teacher, as her students say. She trusted her teacher’s ability to read people, find the catfishers, and play her game with plenty of self-confidence.

Khat Bell

Age: 27.

Alias: Played as herself.

Hometown: Mesquite, Texas.

Khat joined The Circle in the fifth episode and chose to play as herself. The professional volleyball player wanted to stay out of the spotlight but still watch the other participants fight while adding a little gasoline to the fire. She hoped her competitive side would get her the win.

Mitchell Eason

Age: 22.

Alias: Played as himself.

Hometown: Conshohocken, Pennsylvania.

Mitchell might have arrived late in the game, entering only on episode five, but playing The Circle was basically in his blood. His mother, Tammy, and brother, Eddie, had participated in the first season, and watching their mistakes, Mitchell thought he could win this time.

Jack Atkins

Age: 20.

Alias: Played as Emily, a 21-year-old student, and later as John, a 64-year-old psychic.

Hometown: New Haven, Connecticut.

Jack was one of the first to enter the Circle building. He was an astrophysics and economics student but decided to play as his friend Emily, a 21-year-old sorority girl who studies astronomy. He went for a more manipulative strategy, so he planned to use Emily to “pull the strings” and win the game.

Lisa Delcampo

Age: 42.

Alias: Played as Lance Bass, ex-NSYNC singer, and later as John, a 64-year-old psychic.

Hometown: Los Angeles, California.

Lisa was bold with her strategy from the start. She joined the show in the third episode and chose to play as a real-life celebrity, Lance Bass. She has worked for him as his personal assistant for 14 years and felt confident about her choice, especially as an avid NSYNC fan. Lance himself left her a message expressing his support and rooting for her to win.

Lee Swift

Age: 58.

Alias: Played as River, a 24-year-old gay waiter and student.

Hometown: Dallas, Texas.

Lee entered the game with catfish experience, as he had written 39 books under a female pseudonym. He decided to play The Circle as a younger character because of possible judgments he would face right off the bat because of his age, like being conservative.

Courtney Revolution

Age: 28.

Alias: Played as himself, but changed his career to a barista.

Hometown: Los Angeles, California.

Courtney went into The Circle to win the game and decided to treat the show as “a huge game of chess.” His strategy began with him changing his career to a barista so the other participants would think he was “nosy” because his job involved celebrity gossip.

Chloe Veitch

Age: 21

Alias: Played as herself.

Hometown: Essex, England.

Chloe had already participated in the Netflix show Too Hot To Handle in 2020 when she entered The Circle in episode one. She worried that being from England would put her at some disadvantage, but her main strategy was to flirt with the male participants.

DeLeesa St. Agathe

Age: 32.

Alias: Played as Trevor, her 32-year-old husband, but single.

Hometown: The Bronx, New York.

DeLeesa joined the show in the first episode and chose to play as Trevor, her husband in real life, but as a single father on The Circle. She figured that the social media lives of men was easier to navigate than that of women, so she focused on playing a single father, which would allow her to get close to the girls and still be friendly with the guys.

You can watch all current seasons of The Circle now on Netflix.