Here’s Who WILL NOT Die On The Walking Dead Season 7 Premiere Tonight


With the season 7 premiere of The Walking Dead just a few hours away now, anticipation is at an all-time high as we wait with baited breath to see which unlucky character fell victim to Negan’s bat Lucille. Speculation has run rampant for months now, with fans placing bets on who died and dissecting each and every clue that AMC has laid out for them. However, even with all that, no one knows for sure who was killed.

What we do know, though, is who’s still alive. Before we get any further, we should warn you that spoilers will follow. If you’d like to go into the premiere blind and without knowing anything at all, then turn back now. You’ve been warned…

Still with us? Good. A post on The Spoiling Dead Facebook page surfaced this weekend that revealed a leaked promo for season 7. The video has been pulled already, unfortunately, but before it was taken down a few fans got a chance to check it out. According to them, it features Rick, Michonne and Daryl, confirming that all three of them are still alive and well and didn’t die at the hands of Negan.

Not many people expected Rick or Michonne to meet their maker, but a lot of fans were betting on Daryl to bite the dust, so they’ll no doubt be relieved by this news – should it prove to be true, of course. We didn’t get a chance to see the promo for ourselves, so we’re just going to have to trust the word of those who caught it.

Furthermore, two people who didn’t appear in the promo, apparently, were Abraham Ford and Glenn Rhee, which lends credence to the rumors that they’ll be the ones that Negan kills. It’s unconfirmed, of course, but a leaked script surfaced not too long ago that told us Abraham goes first but when Daryl “lashes out” after his friend’s death, Negan decides to take out Glenn as well. Again, we can’t be sure if it’s true, but that’s what speculation is pointing towards.

With the season 7 premiere almost here now, we’ll find out soon enough if this is all accurate. In the meantime, though, be sure to share all your theories on The Walking Dead in the comments section below.