Hilltop Comes Under Attack In Photos For This Week’s Walking Dead


While The Walking Dead has struggled to maintain a steady viewership this season, this week’s episode has all the makings of a great one.

We’re fast approaching the finale, after all, so it’s all but certain that the show’s creative players have one or two more twists up their sleeves before handing over the keys to Angela Kang, the long-running TWD scribe who’s primed to take over as showrunner for the ninth season. But before we get to that, let’s take a look at what’s to come, shall we?

As they always do, AMC’s released a new batch of photos for Sunday’s outing, which is titled “Do Not Send Us Astray.” Though not too revealing, the gallery below tells us that Simon and Dwight are on their way to Hilltop, with their Savior convoy in tow. Elsewhere, there’s also looks at Maggie, Morgan and Carol, among others, with everything we see here painting a picture of a pretty exciting episode.

For more, here’s the previously-released synopsis, which hints that trouble’s right around the corner for the folks at Hilltop:

“Trouble arises when unexpected visitors arrive at the Hilltop and the community is thrust into action; heartbreaking discoveries are made.”

With the season rolling into its final handful of episodes now, things look to be coming to a head, as this description teases that some emotional revelations are on the way. We’re not sure what those could be at the moment, but we do know it’s likely that Carl Grimes won’t be the last major casualty this year.

After all, Seth Gilliam (who plays Father Gabriel) has promised that “more death” is on the way soon. Could it be Maggie who’s about to meet her end, seeing as Lauren Cohan’s negotiations with AMC have yet to come to an agreement that both parties are happy with?

Time will tell, but be sure to tune in this Sunday when The Walking Dead continues with the premiere of “Do Not Send Us Astray.”