History Gets A Remix In New Legends Of Tomorrow Season 3 Promo


By now, you’ve probably seen countless memes lampooning Barry Allen for his constant messing with the timeline over on The Flash, but if anyone is supremely guilty of doing such a thing, it’s most definitely the Waverider crew on Legends of Tomorrow. I mean, for a group tasked with fixing “time aberrations,” you’d think they wouldn’t kill people in the past all the freaking time. Thus, it surprises none of us that they “broke time” in the season 2 finale.

So, even though we were treated to a generous amount of new footage and information a couple months ago at San Diego Comic-Con, The CW has been somewhat mum when it comes to releasing individual promos for its various DC TV shows. Luckily, that’s now changing as we’re four weeks removed from the commencement of the next “super season.”

Legends of Tomorrow

Recently, business picked up when we received a new look at what Supergirl has to offer and what lies ahead for the Scarlet Speedster. And now, the network has finally dropped some new footage from the next leg of the Legends’ journey.

Not surprisingly, the brief promo is titled “History Gets A Remix.” Really, it’s almost as if the powers that be are reading our minds. Granted, they may not know we’ve had a jest at the show’s expense, but Sara Lance and the rest of her team certainly have their work cut out for them when their adventures resume this fall.

Legends of Tomorrow returns for its third season on Tuesday, October 10 on The CW.