Homelander is still a piece of sh*t, but ‘The Boys’ fans can’t get enough

the boys homelander
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There’s something about Homelander, or the charismatic way Antony Starr portrays him, that The Boys fans just can’t help but fall in love with, despite the character’s unconditional and abject villainy.

The leader of the Seven is back stronger than ever in the third season of the comedy superhero series, and he’s dialed his sense of douchery up to eleven. In the first three episodes, which came out today on Prime Video, Homelander makes an epic comeback next to the latest member of the Vought ensemble, Jensen Ackles’ Soldier Boy.

The two fight for the crown of who can be definitively named the worse person in the narrative, and despite Soldier Boy’s long strides in that regard, Homelander still manages to steal the show and hail praise from legions of fans in the online community. Here’s what some of them have been sharing today since the premiere.

One reason that Homelander works as a lovable bad guy (and someone like Stormfront doesn’t) is due to the fact that even the omnipotent Supe has some red lines, even if they’re in the deepest recesses of his sick and twisted subconscious.

What’s more, according to some fans, Antony Starr is gearing up to show us the real Homelander this season.

The Boys showrunners have once again stuck the landing with Homelander’s character, portraying him in a way that’s the perfect mix of “hilarious” and “terrifying.”

We’ve known for a while that The Boys season 3 would go all out in terms of gory stuff, and it seems like Homelander is once again at the epicenter of those gruesome elements.

Some users think the confrontation between Homelander and Billy Butcher is a “masterclass in acting,” to put it lightly.

Suffice it to say, fans can’t possibly get enough of Homelander. Fortunately, there are five episodes left in the third Boys run, so we’ll hopefully be seeing much more of the character in the forthcoming weeks.