Homelander Plays To The Crowd In The Boys Season 3 Set Photos

The Boys

Despite being a foul-mouthed, violent, blackly comic and often gruesomely violent superhero series, The Boys is technically a prestige drama after becoming the first comic book adaptation to land an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Drama Series, reinforcing Eric Kripke’s Amazon favorite as one of the biggest shows on television.

It’s hard to imagine how the bar can keep getting raised when the adventures of Billy Butcher and the gang have delivered so much insanity already, but based on the words that keep coming out of the showrunner’s mouth, Season 3 is set to make the previous two runs look like a quaint walk in the park by comparison.

Some new set photos have arrived online, which you can check out here, that show Antony Starr’s Homelander playing to an adoring crowd. The events of Season 2 have put the mythology in an interesting position moving forward, with Kripke recently confirming that Jensen Ackles’ Solider Boy is going to be the lens through which the next batch of episodes are viewed.

Despite being an all-round sociopathic and murderous asshole, Vought Industries still have Homelander positioned as their marquee Supe, even as his facade continues to crack. While The Boys isn’t obligated to increase in scope and scale with each new season, that’s generally how big budget TV works, and now that the viewership numbers have confirmed that it’s comparable to any of Netflix’s originals in terms of audience, Amazon will no doubt be throwing even more money at the production to deliver another round of acclaimed adventures.