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Homer Simpson might’ve been a nepo baby, if this fan theory is to be believed

Remember that episode involving a chapter from Abe Simpson's past?

The Simpsons
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Homer Simpson has worked in Springfield’s Nuclear Power plant throughout The Simpsons‘ 33-year runtime. And in case it wasn’t obvious, he’s someone who isn’t qualified for that type of career due to his lack of intellect and personality. Remember that one episode where Homer was told to go to college to receive actual qualifications? The Simpsons’ canon is long and complicated, and a fan theory suggests that Homer may have received his job due to his father’s actions.

Reddit user u/thisishardcore_ theorized that Homer got his job from Mr. Burns because his father, Abe, saved his life during the war. It was revealed in Season seven of the show that Abe and Burns used to be in the same military unit called the Flying Hellfish. In the episode, Abe saved Burns during World War II. They believe that, despite Burns’ generally callous demeanor, he’s still grateful to Abe for saving his life and, in return, gave Homer a job.

Fans were mixed on the theory. Some pointed out that Homer didn’t get the job due to nepotism because he’s not Burns’ son. Not to mention, Burns wanted Abe dead due to a death pact, where the last Hellfish member standing will inherit the loot they’ve captured in the war. If anything, Burns wants Abe dead.

According to official Simpsons canon, Homer got his position because he confronted Burns. He told his boss that that he’s fine being “abused at work” and “never sticks up for himself” (yes, this is an actual line from the show). Not to mention, Burns gave Homer his job back due to the birth of Maggie, and is reminded that he’s stuck with Burns forever.

Not to mention, when the Power Plant decided to have machines take over 99 percent of the site’s job, Homer was the only human worker left for that ‘human touch.’ So maybe Burns still has some sort of respect for Homer thanks to his father, but just doesn’t show it.

The Simpsons is now available to stream on Disney Plus, with season 33 arriving on Oct. 5, 2022.

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