Horror Master Stephen King Recommends Netflix’s Recent Thriller Series


If you’re writing something spooky, scary or chilling, Stephen King’s approval means a lot. The King of Horror has been publishing stories since the sixties and is responsible for some of the most terrifying tales of the modern era. Now, he’s chimed in on Netflix’s Reckoninga show about the hunt for a serial killer who’s emerged from hibernation.

Writing on his Twitter account, King said the series was:

“A pretty good 10-episode limited series. Fine mystery plot generates bursts of maximum suspense. As a bonus, it’s a master class in how not to parent.”

Directed by Shawn Seet, Jennifer Leacey and Peter Andrikidis, Reckoning was first released in New Zealand in 2019 and premiered on domestic Netflix on May 1st. Since then, it hasn’t exactly set the world on fire, receiving little attention from critics or the public. There are a measly two reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, one positive, one negative, and the show has a 64% approval rating from audiences, though it seems to have picked up a dedicated following of ‘serial killer junkies.’


Hopefully, this attention from King will give the series a shot in the arm. Many of the replies to the tweet are thanking him for the recommendation, as he’s got a pretty damn good track record when it comes to praising movies and TV shows.

But fans perhaps shouldn’t get their hopes up about Reckoning‘s story being continued. Netflix generally confirms second seasons very quickly, and we haven’t heard a peep from them since season 1 premiered, which may indicate that viewing figures aren’t what they hoped for. Fortunately, Reckoning – which seems to have been always planned as a limited miniseries – apparently concludes its main plot satisfyingly and ends without any cliffhangers.

Tell us, though, have you checked out Reckoning and is Stephen King’s recommendation on the money? Let us know in the comments below.