House Of Cards To Resume Production Early Next Month


Netflix’s House of Cards has been left in a state of disarray amid the damning allegations leveled against Kevin Spacey.

The Frank Underwood actor was thrust into the eye of a ferocious media storm late last month when Star Trek Discovery‘s Anthony Rapp accused Spacey, then 26, of making a sexual advance toward him when he was only 14. Soon after that, the floodgates opened, leaving Netflix with little choice but to formally dismiss Kevin Spacey from the House of Cards camp.

His absence seemingly leaves the door open for multiple spinoffs – spinoffs that could potentially shift the spotlight over to Claire Underwood (Robin Wright) and/or Doug Stamper (Michael Kelly) – but a new update from the streaming service has revealed that for now, the focus is still very much on season 6, with production set to resume next month, on December 8th.

“These last two months have tested and tried all of us in ways none of us could have foreseen,” said a statement released today. “The one thing we have learned throughout this process is that this production is bigger than just one person and we could not be more proud to be associated with one of the most loyal and talented production cast and crews in this business. We will provide an additional update by 12/8/17.”

So, despite those reports of things not being able to continue without Spacey due to his contract, it seems that the show will still go on, which is good news for everyone. After all, there are still many storylines that need to be concluded and it would have been a shame for the series as a whole to suffer just because of one individual.

Even with Netflix now having ended their relationship with the actor though, it would seem that the scandal that’s engulfed him – and, by effect, House of Cards – will unfortunately continue to fester for some time, and it’ll be interesting to watch how the critically acclaimed political drama bounces back from this.

Truth be told, it probably won’t be able to – at least, not fully – but fans can still rest easy knowing that they’ll get one final season to wrap everything up. Even if it may not be in a wholly satisfying manner.