House Of Cards Writers Scrambling To Fix Season 6


House of Cards is in trouble right now. After announcing that its sixth season would also be its last, Netflix then decided to not only fire Kevin Spacey in light of those troubling allegations that have hounded the actor for weeks now, but they also halted production. Since then, the streaming giant has been rather tight-lipped about how they’ll proceed from here, but according to CNN, the intention is to still give fans one final season.

From what we understand, the writers are scrambling now as they’ve been forced to scrap plans that had been eight months in the making and figure out a new direction for the show to head in, since Spacey’s Frank Underwood won’t be involved anymore. CNN’s sources say it’s unlikely that Netflix will cancel House of Cards at this point and will instead just find a way to deliver that last season and make it work without its biggest star.

How they’ll do that remains to be seen, of course, but we heard not too long ago that one potential idea was to simply kill Frank off somehow. That’d probably be the easiest route to take and if they should head down that path, we imagine Robin Wright’s Claire will then step into the spotlight and bring the series to a close.

Even with Netflix now having ended their relationship with Spacey though, it would seem that the scandal that’s engulfed the actor – and, by effect, House of Cards – will unfortunately continue to fester for some time, and it’ll be interesting to watch how the critically acclaimed political drama bounces back from this.

Truth be told, it probably won’t be able to – at least, not fully – but fans can still rest easy knowing that they’ll get one final season to wrap everything up. Even if it may not be in a wholly satisfying manner.