House Of Cards Season 5 Photos Spotlight The Newcomers To Netflix’s Political Cauldron

Series newcomers Patricia Clarkson and Campbell Scott are ushered into the limelight in the first wave of photos for House of Cards season 5.

They’re the latest additions to Netflix’s political saga, and can be seen alongside Claire Underwood (Robin Wright) and Will Conway (Suicide Squad‘s Joel Kinnaman). No sign of Kevin Spacey’s POTUS, who was last seen housed up in Washington’s Command Center watching the execution of Mr. Mills with chilling contempt: “We don’t submit to terror; we make the terror.”

Addressing the audience directly, those words uttered by Spacey’s Frank Underwood also heralded the first time that Claire broke the fourth wall at the tail-end of season 4, reacting to her husband’s machiavellian monologue with, well, chilling contempt. Make no mistake, the Underwoods will be back in force by the time House of Cards season 5 premieres in a few months’ time, and it looks as though Frank will emerge largely unscathed from Hammerschmidt’s attempts to sabotage the commander-in-chief via an article printed in the Washington Herald.

Circling back to those two newcomers, though, Netflix has kept details on Clarkson and Scott’s respective characters under lock and key, but at the very least it appears as though the former will have connections from within the White House itself, as she conducts some sort of meeting (interview?) with Robin Wright’s Claire.

Expect all 13 episodes of House of Cards season 5 to premiere on May 30th, 2017. Elsewhere on Netflix’s bustling slate, Bill Nye Saves the World has been earmarked for a mid-April release, while the ladies of Litchfield Penitentiary return this June for Orange is the New Black season 5. Curious to know how the streamer’s superhero offerings are shaping up? Look no further than the first official clip from next month’s Iron Fist solo series, below.

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