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‘House of the Dragon’ showrunner offers a hint of what’s to come in the second season

Ryan Condal confirms 'House of the Dragon' season 2 details, and it's about the dragons.


House of the Dragon season one lived up to the name by featuring the most fearsome dragons on TV, and season two will be upping the ante.

In a report from Deadline, showrunner Ryan Condal confirmed at an FYC event for HBO that House of the Dragon season two will add five more dragons to its roster. There were a total of nine dragons in season one, which include, Syrax, Caraxes, Vhagar, Meleys, Dreamfyre Seasmoke, Vermax, and Sunfyre. It’s an impressive amount, but it’s likely that by the end of the series, there will be around 17 in total.

Game of Thrones creator George R.R. Martin has expressed his dislike of the original show’s dragons because of their sameness compared to the ones in the new show. Miguel Sapochnik broke down the mythical reptiles into three different types in House of the Dragon, and the team worked tirelessly to ensure that each dragon was distinct, had its own personality, and was varied in color.

Production is expected to begin for House of the Dragon season two shortly, but fans won’t be able to see the next part of the story until 2024. It’s a big-budget series, and the first season exceeded the production cost of Game of Thrones season one with its level of detail and increased special effects.

Martin reiterated that the book Fire & Blood, which was the basis for House of the Dragon, doesn’t serve as an official history, even saying, “It was an imaginary history book.” Such scenes as Queen Emma Arryn’s (Sian Brooke) horrific childbirth scene in the pilot and the shocking moment in the finale between Aemond Targaryen (Ewan Mitchell) and Lucery Targaryen (Elliot Grihault) played out differently.

More dragons mean more battles in House of the Dragon season two, and the war is truly about to begin.

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