House Season 8 Will Take Us Somewhere Very Unexpected

Looks like Dr. House is heading somewhere he’s always managed to avoid – prison.

Although the cranky doctor tends to flaunt all of his illegal activities with pride, last season’s hit-and-run incident seems to have been the last straw, because the House production team has been sighted at a Los Angeles area prison.

No official word from Fox on whether or not this is true, but since the show has cast people to play prison inmates and employees, it seems highly likely.

Now, I’ve been a House fan from the beginning, and sometimes the show does things I don’t approve of, like the time House decided to marry a random Russian woman.

House in prison, however, could be a welcome change, especially with Lisa Edelstein leaving the cast this season. After seven years, it’s hard to keep TV shows fresh, and I think this is shaping up to be exactly what the doctor ordered.

Here’s hoping Wilson doesn’t bail him out within the first 20 minutes.