How I Met Your Mother Series Finale Review: “Last Forever” (Season 9, Episodes 23-24)

Last Forever Part One

While the negative aspects of this episode far overshadow the positives, that doesn’t mean there weren’t some memorable moments here. While it may be sad, and even painful, to watch everyone drift apart as the years go on, that’s a realistic look at the way life usually goes, which is something that this show specializes in. It also gives a reason behind this being a nine season series. HIMYM begins when the five of them become friends and it ends when there’s something to serve as a catalyst for that friendship splitting apart.

There’s also the fact that Barney wanted to introduce Ted to the Mother. For all the negatives traits Barney has, his heart has always been in the right place in terms of looking out for Ted’s best interests. He’s the world’s greatest wingman, and even though he didn’t actually get to ask her if she had met Ted, it felt right to watch him be the first one to realize they would be perfect for each other.

Perhaps the episode’s best moment is the scene where Ted meets the Mother (aka Tracy) on the platform. That first conversation is wonderfully written and acted from start to finish. Radnor and Milioti are so strong together, and I really do wish we had more time to see them as a couple. Their chemistry is the one thing that makes me wish the show was lasting longer, and that scene on the platform shows it better than any other. That was the emotional ending that HIMYM deserved, and if I’m being honest, when I re-watch the series, that’s likely where I’ll turn it off.

Overall, “Last Forever” is a terribly disappointing ending to a wonderful series. To cram so many significant moments into mere minutes can only leave the fans feeling cheated, and I’d be surprised if there are many people who actually like this episode. It really is a shame that a beautiful story about one man’s belief in true love and enduring hope was replaced by something much less significant.

Other Random Notes

  • Cockamouse!
  • Bringing back the hanging chad costume is wonderful.
  • The Jim Nacho is a wonderful move and easy enough to do with no cost and little prep work!
  • Lily’s tears in the empty apartment seemed a bit weird with her being in a white whale costume, but it actually made for an oddly beautiful scene.
  • Robin’s more like a yeti. Cold and aloof.
  • My last note ever about How I Met Your Mother: What about that damn pineapple?!?

While I may not be happy with this finale, it has been a true pleasure writing about How I Met Your Mother these last couple years. Thanks for reading everyone, and here’s to remembering the characters for who they were in their prime and the stories for what they were at their best! It really has been awesome. True story.