How Tall Is Angela From The Office?

Angela The Office

The Office is one of the most iconic office comedy sitcom series to date. This mockumentary, which appeared on NBC from 2005 to 2013, featured an eclectic cast of characters that fought, bickered, stood up for one another, and even fell in love with each other, depending on the episode. Its vastly unique characters are one of the reasons that the show works so well, earning the series rewatch after rewatch on Peacock.

One of the main characters in the show, especially through its later seasons, is Angela Martin. With her strict rules, stubborn attitude, and hypocritical Christian values, Angela ensures that everything around her is done to perfection. And when it’s not, you can see her disdain.

Outside her personality, one of her most defining features is her height. Stood next to her would-be husband Dwight Schrute, Angela seems to be one of the shorter characters in the show. In one episode, she even offhandedly mentions that she has to shop in the kid’s section for clothes.

So, how tall is Angela? Here’s what we know.

How tall is Angela from The Office?

Portrayed by actress Angela Kinsey, The Office’s Angela Martin is 5′ 1” tall, according to IMDD. For those who measure by meters, that’s a modest 1.55.

With this height, Angela is the shortest character in the show by far. In comparison, the tallest character is Jared Dunn, played by Zach Woods, and Robert R. Shafer, who played Bob Vance, both recording heights of 6′ 4”.

What Angela may lack in height, she makes up for in her fiery personality. She remains one of the most beloved characters from the sitcom. Or rather, she’s a character viewers love to hate and hate to love, depending on the episode.

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