How To Watch Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness Online

resident evil infinite darkness

Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness, the latest in a long line of animated shows based on Capcom’s revered survival horror video games of the same name, is out today and sets fans up for a reunion with two of the series’ most popular characters. Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield have once again found themselves in the thick of a bioweapon attack, though this time, they can’t rely on each other to survive. Not straight away, at least, as the pair couldn’t be further apart, geographically speaking.

While the latter works to solve the mystery of a local outbreak in the fictional Asian country of Penamstan, the former, still an agent working directly under the US President, has an urgent matter of his own to address. On what would otherwise have been an ordinary day at the Oval Office, Leon finds himself face to face with the very same zombies he escaped during the dying days of Raccoon City more than a decade earlier, but where did they come from, and who is responsible for their appearance?

You can learn the answers to all of those burning questions by checking the mini-series for yourself, which is now watchable in its entirety on Netflix. It goes without saying, of course, that you’ll need an active subscription to watch all four 30-minute episodes, but for hardcore fans eager to learn more about the lives of both aforementioned heroes following their first encounter with Umbrella’s human experiments, there’s no better reason to renew or extend your subscription.

On the other hand, it could well be worth delaying binge-watching Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness until the streaming service debuts its live-action series later this year starring Lance Reddick as iconic villain Albert Wesker. See here for all the latest details on that front.