How to watch ‘That 90s Show’: Release date, streaming platform, episode count, and more

Screengrab of Netflix's 'That '90s Show'
Photo via Netflix

Soon, Netflix will take viewers back to a fantastical era where gas was cheap, housing was affordable, and the political climate was more subdued, even polite. We’re talking of course about That ’90s Show — a next generation of kids in the same funky and fictional Wisconsin town audiences enjoyed from 1998-2006. Anticipation is building and, with this in mind, we broke down all fans need to know before they go back to Point Place for a summer filled with plenty of fun and coming of age comedy stories.

To begin with, the show (which is set in the summer of 1995) will be coming out tomorrow. While it may be jarring for audiences to see a warm story when much of the nation is still trapped in a thick blanket of snow and ice, we’ve seen this before with work like Stranger Things. The recent season of that project took place in March despite airing over the prior summer and internal data of some sort probably pointed to this time of the year being right for Red Forman and the rest of his bunch to return.

The next question is, just where will the show be available? The answer is of course Netflix, but, sometimes this has changed for some of their programming in prior years. Successful Netflix shows like Bojack Horseman have been syndicated to traditional television networks like Comedy Central and other content like the service’s new take on One Day at a Time later moved to Pop after being cancelled, only to get cancelled again. So, change could come, but nothing is guaranteed.

As well, another matter for the project is just how many episodes it will have. When it was first revealed to the public, Variety reported Netflix had ordered 10 episodes and nothing has come up since to suggest this count has changed. The first season of the initial show has 25 episodes, but, in the era of streaming, that number could be smaller and the season more flexible to tell a much tighter story for viewers.

So, this is the core information you need to know about the show. The piece follows Eric and Donna’s daughter Leia as she spends time with her grandparents and bonds with other teenagers. One of the teens will be Kelso and Jackie’s daughter and, while several stars from the original series are confirmed to be making a return, Danny Masterson will not be doing so due to rape allegations against him.