Howard The Duck Animated Series Rumored For Disney Plus


Marvel Studios hasn’t been shy in admitting that the animated side of the mythology is set to expand exponentially in the coming years, to the extent than an entire production house is in the midst of being established to shoulder the workload.

The creative team behind What If…? promised that our minds will be blown, but so far a second season of the smash hit Disney Plus series is the only two-dimensional project to have been officially confirmed. That being said, there’s bound to be at least a couple more bubbling away on the back burner after high-ranking exec Victoria Alonso confirmed 31 projects in total are in development, while Harley Quinn artist Liza Singer was recently hired to direct an unnamed film or television title.

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A new rumor claims that one of What If…?‘s many guest stars could be next in line for their own show, with Seth Green reportedly returning to headline a Howard the Duck solo adventure. Admittedly, the story originated on 4Chan and should be treated thusly, but it’s far from the most insane idea we’ve ever heard.

We’ll know soon enough if it’s true, though, with the anonymous poster claiming that Howard the Duck‘s first time taking center stage since the infamous 1986 box office bomb will be officially announced as part of next month’s Disney Plus Day.