The Hulk’s Next MCU Appearance Has Reportedly Been Revealed

Hulk MCU

Following the conclusion of Avengers: Endgame, MCU fans from all over have been left with a handful of unanswered questions. One of the most pressing though is what exactly does the future look like for Bruce Banner/the Hulk?

As you probably remember, the big green giant snapped billions of lifeforms back into existence following the Avengers’ time heist, but unfortunately, he was left injured by the sheer power of the six Infinity Stones. And don’t expect him to heal anytime soon, as it looks like the damage is permanent.

Chances are, we won’t see the Hulk back in action for a while, then, but that doesn’t mean he’s permanently down for the count. With Tony Stark having sacrificed himself to destroy Thanos, Bruce is left standing as one of the most brilliant minds on Earth, and fans have speculated he’ll take on the role of a mentor and scientist moving forward, as opposed to balancing his work in the lab with his ability to level a city block in a few brief moments.

Months ago, one of our industry sources told us that Disney was working on a She-Hulk show (something which was confirmed to be accurate at last week’s D23 Expo), and now, the very same insider has revealed that Banner’s next MCU appearance will be in that series, which is set to premiere sometime in 2022. It seems he’s going to act as a mentor of sorts to the budding superhero and help her to learn to access and control her powers.

If this prediction’s accurate, it means that the jolly green giant won’t be a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s fourth phase, which will span from 2020 to 2021. Of course, Marvel has yet to confirm any of this, but considering our source’s track record as of late, we wouldn’t be surprised if this one ends up unfolding exactly as predicted. As always, watch this space for more.