Hulu appears to pull ‘Astroworld’ documentary following fan outrage over ‘now streaming’ announcement

Following the swift backlash of an announced documentary series about the tragic Astroworld concert crowd crush that left 10 people dead and over 300 injured, Hulu appears to have pulled the plug on Astroworld: Concert from Hell. The series had been slated to break down the details of what really happened at the Houston event, which occurred less than a month ago.

Here’s the official synopsis from Hulu’s website, which still has a page for the title as of press time even though it is apparently no longer playable.

“Travis Scott’s Astroworld Festival was supposed to be the concert of a lifetime. But it turned into a tragic nightmare. A minute-by-minute look at what happened in the crowd, the young victims who were killed, and what happens next.”

On Thursday, news company SAINT made an announcement that the show is “now streaming on Hulu” in a Twitter post that has since disabled public commenting.

Fans were quick to point out the perceived tastelessness of churning out a documentary about a tragedy so soon after it happened.

Many were baffled at the Disney-owned streaming service’s choice to launch a series for an incident whose victims have not even been laid to rest yet.

One user even claimed to have tried to watch the documentary, saying that Hulu “deleted it already.”

Hulu appears to have removed the title from its inventory of playable content following the social media reaction. Neither Travis Scott nor a representative have made additional statements about the Astroworld incident other than the apology video the artist issued last month, according to iHeart.

Update Dec. 2, 2021, 12:59 p.m. CT: A Hulu representative, responding to We Got This Covered‘s request for comment, noted that Astroworld: Concert from Hell was actually an investigative news report from KTRK-TV, Houston’s ABC affiliate, which originally aired on Nov. 20. The spokesperson noted, “This was not a Hulu documentary and has since been removed to avoid confusion.”