Marvel’s future on Hulu appears uncertain after no new announcements

Marvel programming has dominated TV waves in recent times thanks to the release of Disney+ and Marvel Studios’ new TV content, but also Marvel Televisions’ work that has been distributed on Hulu.

While Hulu has continued to release Marvel content most recently with the animated series Hit-Monkey, this could be coming to an end. While nothing has been announced, Hulu head of content Craig Erwich seemed to cast doubt on the future of Marvel content on the platform during a recent presentation at the winter Television Critics’ Association press tour.

When asked about Hulu’s plans for Marvel content on the platform by Decider’s Alex Zalben, Erwich simply said that there were no announcements related to either of their two most recent series Hit-Monkey and MODOK, or any other Marvel series for the platform.

Marvel and team will make decisions for that franchise, and that brand.

Via Alex Zalben

The response was vague, but it may indicate some uncertainty regarding the future of Marvel TV content on Hulu. It wouldn’t be a complete shock if this was the case as many of Marvel Television’s previous plans for Hulu have been canceled in recent times including the live-action Ghost Rider series.

While Hulu seems the perfect place for Marvel to host any mature-rated content, right now it doesn’t seem that there is much of this in the works other than Deadpool 3. However, there could be projects in production not yet revealed.

As it stands, nothing has been shared regarding the future of Marvel Television on Hulu so fans can relax for the time being.