Here’s How Iain Glen Could Look As Batman On Titans


While everyone remains discussing Robert Pattinson being cast as Batman – and rightfully so because he’s now tasked with carrying a multi-billion dollar film franchise – let’s not forget about another Dark Knight who’s lurking out there.

If you’ve been keeping up with your superhero news, then you should’ve heard about how Iain Glen had been cast as Bruce Wayne on Titans back in April. Known far and wide to Game of Thrones and Resident Evil aficionados, the veteran actor should lend a unique take on a more experienced Caped Crusader, thereby juxtaposing Pattinson’s younger iteration.

For now, we can’t be too sure of whether Glen will actually suit up as Batman during the show’s second season. In my view, it’d be a waste not to have him do so, but one can never be certain with all that goofy red tape separating WB’s various divisions and all it entails. At least “g_reenzo” has allowed us to see what Iain might look like decked out as the enduring icon in some artwork found below, which had been previously uploaded to Instagram.

From where I’m sitting, this appears pretty believable. Granted, it’d have to be for a moment such as Bruce walking around the Batcave with his mask off, but it works. And considering how we’d seen only a stuntman wearing a suit bereft of details in silhouette during season 1, it’d be nice to enjoy Batman in full regalia.

Even with this being fan-made artwork, you have to admit it looks better than what Gotham gave us in its series finale. If Robin’s attire is any indicator, then his mentor should be sporting some fine duds if and when the costuming department gets cracking on one.

At present time, Titans season 2 lacks a premiere date, though an early 2021 debut is expected.

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