Iain Glen Confirmed To Return As Batman In Titans Season 3


Batman has long been elusive on the small screen. In the Arrowverse, he’s an almost entirely off-screen presence, Gotham saw a Bruce Wayne pre-Batsuit and Titans kept him in the wings for much for the first two seasons. More specifically, Batman was glimpsed in a few flashbacks, seen in a fantasy sequence in the Titans season 1 finale and finally made a full appearance in the second season as played by Game of Thrones’ Iain Glen.

Glen gave us an interesting take on the character, moving away from the traditional portrayal of an older Bruce Wayne as cold and isolated and giving him some genuine warmth (even if his American accent was a bit sus). This take on the role somewhat split opinion, but it seems that he was popular enough to warrant a return for the upcoming season 3.

Yes, Glen will be returning and we know this thanks to Boris Mojsovski, who’s both directed and been director of photography on Titans. He did an Instagram live stream with fans recently, where he discussed Glen and confirmed that he’s indeed returning to the show.

I can understand why DC live-action series have been traditionally reluctant to include Batman. The Dark Knight tends to take over any story he’s included in, and large numbers of fans will simply want him to be front and centre at all times. So, if he is going to be a bigger part of season 3 of Titans, I hope the showrunners have figured out a way to keep the focus on Dick Grayson and the rest of the gangBecause, after all the negative publicity in the run up to the first season, the show has gone on to provide a genuinely entertaining adventure through the DC Universe.

As yet, we don’t have a release date for Titans season 3 and it’ll probably be somewhat delayed due to Coronavirus. But here’s hoping that we don’t face too long a wait.

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