First Photos For Simon Pegg’s Ghost-Hunting Show Truth Seekers

Simon Pegg

Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and Edgar Wright all shot to mainstream prominence when cult classic horror comedy Shaun of the Dead first arrived in 2004, but the trio had already been friends and collaborators for years by that point having first worked together on British sitcom Spaced in 1999.

After the Three Flavors Cornetto trilogy concluded seven years ago with The World’s End, they’ve yet to re-team for another project, with each one heading off in different career directions. While Frost has largely remained working in Britain, Wright’s stock reached new heights after Baby Driver received widespread critical acclaim, earned over $225 million at the box office and scored three Academy Award nominations, while Pegg is a genuine movie star these days after playing key roles in both the Star Trek and Mission: Impossible franchises.

Pegg and Frost haven’t worked together without Wright since 2011’s underrated sci-fi Paul, but that’s all set to change when Amazon’s Truth Seekers lands at some point later this year. The show follows a team of part-time paranormal investigators who share their adventures online, only for their ghost-hunting activities to lead them to uncover a conspiracy that could result in the end of the human race. We haven’t seen too much from it yet, but the first images from the upcoming supernatural comedy have now made their way online and you can check them out below for a taste of what’s to come.

Truth Seekers doesn’t have an official air-date for its eight-episode run as of yet, but it will be holding a panel as part of this year’s [email protected], which seems like the ideal place to drop some more plot details and possibly even a full-length trailer. Pegg and Frost have a solid track record in putting a fresh spin on familiar genre tropes, and there’s little doubt they’ll be able to knock it out of the park once again when tackling the paranormal.

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