IMAX Wants More TV Series After Marvel’s The Inhumans


A few weeks back, Marvel shocked everyone when they announced that they’d be bringing The Inhumans to television. It was surprising because many people thought that if anything, the characters would appear in a future Phase 4 film, not on the small screen. Fans had also assumed that the studio scrapped plans for the titular heroes, since we hadn’t heard about them in quite some time.

It seems that big things are in store for our beloved Inhumans though, and we mean that quite literally. That’s because the first two episodes of the show will premiere on IMAX screens and are being shot on IMAX cameras, in order to bring audiences “cinema-quality visual effects.” As such, hype and excitement is rapidly mounting for the project and it seems as if IMAX is already looking to increase their presence in the TV world.


During a recent investors conference, CEO Greg Foster said, “we’re already looking for a second [series]. This is at the high end of the range of what we’ll be doing, but we’re already looking for a second one. It’s a really exciting opportunity that could blossom into more.”

No word yet on what other avenues IMAX is exploring, and whether or not they’ll involve Marvel, but Foster did reveal that those first two episodes of The Inhumans will contain about 80 minutes of content. As we’ve already learnt, they’ll premiere exclusively in IMAX theatres on Sept 1st and remain there for two weeks before moving to television.

“Hopefully this will spawn more seasons of the show, and opportunistically, we’re looking at other opportunities and programs that we can become part of,” Foster added.

It’s still early days for The Inhumans, of course, but already we’re very excited for this one. The show truly sounds like something quite special and unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. Plus, it’s Marvel – a company who can seemingly do no wrong as of late. Everything points to this project being a home run for them and we can’t wait to see how it all turns out when the show storms into IMAX theatres next year.