More Information Concerning Those Supergirl And Constantine Rumors


Yesterday, we brought word regarding two exciting rumors: one stating that The Flash may crossover with Supergirl this spring and another saying that John Constantine will play a key role in Season Two of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. Today, there seems to be more information concerning said rumors, some of which may not make you feel as jubilant as you did last night.

Bleeding Cool is expanding upon one rumor and somewhat retracting the other. In the past, they have had some great TV scoops and have an even more solid reputation when it comes to rumors surrounding the comic book industry, so this is definitely worth paying attention too.

First, let’s discuss that Supergirl/Flash rumor. It was previously thought that a crossover would be impossible, but it’s important to remember that CBS has a sizable stake in The CW. After all, The CW is really short for “CBS/ WB.” The networks have even run ads for the other’s superhero shows during their own. According to the latest report, The Flash and his crew appearing on Supergirl may, in fact, be a condition of the show’s “Back 9” order. Networks tend to pull out all the stops during May sweeps, so we can only hope there is some veracity to the rumor.


Furthermore, it’s being said the crossover episode could be part of an arc heavily influenced by Superman: New Krypton, a massive comic book story arc that spanned from 2008-2009. In short, it involved an un-shrunken Bottle City of Kandor’s inhabitants setting up shop in our solar system. Considering something rather similar is currently unfolding within the pages of The Dark Knight III: The Master Race, it is highly believable this is where the Fort Rozz plot thread will lead.

As for Constantine appearing on Season Two of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, we seem to be getting somewhat of a retraction. A mere day after breaking the news, Bleeding Cool is already saying that it may not actually happen. It seems the show has an astronomical budget and The CW may decide to go with a different superhero show in 2017. Granted, Legends looks impressive enough to look as though it belongs in cinemas rather than on the small screen, but why would The CW commit to a show without hopes of a renewal? I guess time and overnight ratings will tell.

Tell us, what do you think now that this new information has been brought to light? Which rumor do you hope pans out most? Supergirl or Constantine? As always, let us know in the comments section below.